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The difference between good and great in the professional world.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I've always said the difference between a good nurse and a great nurse is attitude. To be a nurse in the first place, you have to demonstrate a decent amount of competency; you need to pass various science classes and prerequisites, you need to be competitive enough in grades and merit to get into nursing school, then you have to graduate that mess before taking (and passing) the dreaded NCLEX. THEN you get your nursing license. So it's not like one day you get to wake up and go "golly gee, I think I'll be a nurse!", fold your arms together and nod your head like some #genie and wake up a nurse.

So acquiring those funny little letters, #RN, takes a bit of a commitment. You've got to work hard, show integrity and smarts, and put some time and dedication into it. You can know that whenever you see the title RN, somebody put a real chunk of work into it.

So with that, you can assume that anybody with those qualities can learn to perform competently in a wide number of fields and specialties, yes? Yes. Time and experience will get any of them there. Labor and Delivery, Surgery, Cardiac, Emergency, Critical Care, yada yada yada. Give anybody with the title RN enough time, and they'll learn to do those jobs.

So then what's the yardstick of quality for a nurse? What differentiates your standard cookie-cutter nurse from a good or a great nurse? To me, it's #attitude. Like I said, anybody with the RN title can learn to perform the duties and skills expected of them. But to strengthen a team, help heal a person's body and mind, and make a real positive impact wherever they go? That's attitude. And I believe that's universal.

What's the difference between a good and a great ANYTHING as far as the professional world goes? Yeah, experience matters. But given enough time, everybody can acquire that. Your attitude will be one of the most defining factors in how you impact what you do.

For #voiceactors, I can guarantee the people who get repeat clients are the ones with the good attitudes. Remember, YOU are the product.

So get out there and do something impactful, no matter what it is you decide you want to do. You'll probably be remembered most for the attitude behind your actions.

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