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Have you heard of the Apogee HypeMiC?

Recorded using the Apogee HypeMiC

Over time, you may notice that as a VO artist you begin to accumulate microphones.

Microphones are kind of like tools in a toolbox (or a toolshed, if your collection is large enough). Maybe you like one mic for one particular type of job; one for character work, one for narration, one for singing, one for commercials, one for your travel kit. Mics kind of have a little personality to them. This is my party mic. No, my parents haven’t met that one - nor will they.

This blog is about my newest mic: The Apogee HypeMiC.

I imagine we all remember our first mic kind of like we remember our first kiss. Our technique was probably embarrassing while we were trying to figure out just what the heck we were doing with our mouths. No? Just me? Well...that just got weird. My first mic was an Apogee Mic+ that came recommended to me from two people - an agent and a friend already doing paid voiceover work. Sigh, sweet memories. I learned a lot from that first mic. The mic certainly knew what it was doing and it was very patient with me while I learned what I was doing. And after a little bit of practice, personal improvement, and recording space improvements, things started sounding pretty good with my Apogee Mic+. Together, we created many memories.

Happily Ever After? The End?

...more like just the beginning! I often describe voiceover as a journey, and journeys are all about discovery. And having had such fond memories of Apogee’s Mic+, I was pretty excited to get my hands on the latest in their line of mics: The Apogee HypeMiC.

Like the Mic+, the HypeMiC boasts a few great features:

  • Up to 24-bit recording quality

  • Convenient portability

  • Built-in gain dial

  • Built-in headphone jack for live listening of what’s being recorded

  • Visible LED input lights for volume feedback (if you’re getting too loud or even clipping, you’ll be able to see both with this feedback function)

But there’s also one special and unique feature that sets it apart from not only the Mic+, but also every other USB mic on the market. The HypeMiC is the only USB microphone with built-in analog compression. It has three levels of compression that you can work with, giving you a lot more flexibility in the range of recordings you need to tackle. That means now, you have the option to smoothly and evenly voice something as dynamic and complex as a video game character; something with peaks, valleys, emotions and feelings like a song; or even something as simple and straightforward as narration - all in one mic with convenient “baked-in” compression settings and options made to handle a variety of needs faced in the world of voiceover.

Sooo is it considered "cheating" if you have multiple mics?

No, for a few reasons –

  1. You’re not actually supposed to be kissing your mics and developing romantic feelings for them in the first place.

  2. Brand loyalty. I like Apogee and as long as they keep making good products, I’ll continue to acquire more. Maybe one day, years from now, there will be a successor to even the HypeMiC that I'll want to get ahold of too.

  3. I personally like to think of my mics as one big happy family that all like to hang out with each other when I’m not looking, kind of like Toy Story. They all have their individual roles and jobs and uses, as mentioned earlier. I do worry that it might take a little extra time for the HypeMiC to be accepted by some of the other mics in the family though, because a new mic with some versatility might make some of the other ones feel threatened. It’ll get there, though. It worked out for Buzz and Woody, right?

If you are interested in purchasing an Apogee HypeMiC, be sure you haven’t already bought a pop filter or a stand – it comes with both.

And remember folks, treat your recording space. Good mics hear bad spaces! In a previous blog, I recount the evolution of my recording space (starting from a small foam-lined crate to the insulated fort that I now use) and how I learned first-hand just how important a well-treated space is for creating quality audio recordings. Your HypeMiC will hear the difference, and so will you. You put a little love into your space and I bet you’ll like what you hear!

Want one? Get your Apogee HypeMiC here: (Amazon)

Full transparency: this blog entry is sponsored by Apogee. I do own and use their products - and I will never sponsor or endorse a product or line that I don't stand by in quality.

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