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That's a word that can mean so many things, to so many people. When I think about the word, I envision something along the lines of a block of blood-hued clay. Why blood hued clay?

A sacrifice always costs something, and it has to be something that means something to a life. I think in the more traditional sense, religious sacrifices were made with blood. But there are other things that constitute "pillars" to pull from when one sacrifices.

  • Time is a precious commodity - and often we give up our time when we sacrifice to a cause.

  • Money is another that's often synonymous with time. It takes time to make money.

  • Labor is another...hard work takes time and it can take a toll on the body. Ever hear the phrase "labor of love"? That screams sacrifice to me.

  • Tears. We pour our hearts and emotions into causes. We pay in ways that many don't see.

I suppose you could look at the clay as our hopes and dreams that we are sacrificing for. The clay is mixed with what we sacrifice, we work to mold it, and we hope for the best in our efforts.

I think a lot about how lucky I am. How little I've had to sacrifice compared to some. I mean, we all make sacrifices if we care about people or causes - that simply comes with the territory. But to see just how much a person will give up for a cause at times can be very humbling.

Jumping into voiceover for many is a pretty big leap, I think. If you're looking for competitive, professional caliber output from your work, you have to invest in coaching and lessons, nice equipment, a recording space, branding, and much more that I simply can't think of right now - it's a steep endeavor. A lot of people on the ground level do not have any of this in mind; but one way or another, if you're tenacious about getting there, you'll come to appreciate the need for these quality investments.

So money, time, and some dedication are some of the main ingredients there. I personally am lucky enough to have a full time job that provides more days off than on. I've been able to slowly and steadily trickle money resources into these requirements at a comfortable, steady pace. I've been learning. It's a lot like trying to play The Oregon Trail on Easy Mode. Honestly, I'd say probably the biggest sacrifice I've had to make is whatever sanity I lose working at the hospital.

But is that anything to complain about? Psh. No. You ever try complaining in front of a patient in the ICU? It's a hell of a way to look like a Grade-A Douchecastle.

If I wrote a text-book on Douchecastlery, you might find this image inside.

That being said, does any of that mean this career path is easy? No! It's still going to take a lot of time, learning, and hard work to be even remotely successful! But the sacrifice I've had to make to get this far is nothing compared to what so many others pay to pursue their dreams.

So speaking of sacrificing for dreams, my friend Martin Lewis created a production company and wrote a script for a movie called The Office Job. I read it and loved it. Like, love-love-loved it. It's slapstick, it's amusing, it's well thought out. I was tickled by it. He has worked really hard on it. Not only that but he's worked his butt off to turn it into a movie. Mind you, this is a (seemingly) every day guy without a big Hollywood company or the mafia to back this project. It was literally funded from his mortgage, and it cost him some other less-than-intentional sacrifices as well to bring his dream to life.

Now to me, that is both terrifying and awe-inspiring. I've invested in a loved one's business; I've sacrificed a lot of time, labor, money, and sanity towards that. But my mortgage? No thanks. This dude did it. And that's the kind of moxy I can absolutely get behind.

Kind of hard to wrap this entry up. So I guess I'll summarize it with two points:

  1. Sacrifice is an important element of pursuing anything of value in this world of finite resources and ability. While our dreams are limitless, the tangible world around us isn't. So we tend to pay most dearly for what we love and believe in the most. Recognize and appreciate what you are paying when you sacrifice towards a cause, and ensure that it is well spent. You deserve enjoyment and fulfillment from the fruits of your labor.

  2. The Office Job was a true labor of love and sacrifice for its creators. Martin, if you're reading this, I hope you are super proud of how far you've come.

  3. I lied about there being only two thoughts.

  4. Goonies never say die.

  5. If you bought #GameStop stock, keep holding onto it. Together ape strong!!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 25, 2021

Hey, the "I've got two points" five-point summary works for me - you KNOW that! :-) After all, I'm Joshua If-anything-is-worth-saying-its-worth-OVERsaying Alexander! Keep it up bro. I know you're sacrificing. It will pay off. Keep up the pursuit of something great. I am very grateful that you sacrifice of your sanity - and safety! - in what you do as a first responder. THANK YOU for your sacrifice. You know about it better than most of humanity.

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