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Well here goes nothing.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Blogging. I'm about to show my age here.

Last time I had anything remotely similar to a blog, I had a MySpace page. Not only that, but I was convinced that MySpace would beat out FaceBook in the social media wars of yore. I mean after all, you could blog, right? Since then, I've been wrong about many, many other things! But being wrong is not the worst thing in the world. Being wrong and a jerk or an idiot - now you've got yourself an all-American situation on your hands.

So here I am. What's this blog doing? Apparently following some kind of weird cookie-cutter format from the looks of it. Check this out - this blog update came standard equipped with a picture of some little house plants, some mossy-looking stuff, and a bottle with a pleasing aqua-blue hue to it. These aren't my plants, and I don't know where this picture came from. Being given this strange stock photograph feels a lot like being made to hold hands with a child I don't know.

What the heck am I doing?

Right! So back to blogging - I'm Michael, I'm getting older every year, loving my life, and I am a Registered Nurse (should I capitalize that? Seems like I'm supposed to, but I have this constant internal conflict and dialogue over nurses who love to pat themselves on the back for being nurses...I really, REALLY hate it. I find a lot of these nurses are also the ones who complain the most when their job inconveniences them. Blegh.) and a voice actor. Other things I've done: made some of the best soap in the world, competed on American Ninja Warrior, and made an Instagram page for my ridiculously cute hedgehog (his name is Sir Reginald, not Sonic - as so many people love to ask). This website is here namely because of my journey in voice acting. I've been chipping away at developing that career and with the creation of my website, I also got the itch to start writing again. Sometimes I just need to write something ridiculous. And if you've read this much so far, I'm so, so sorry.

Final thoughts on blogging and these cookie-cutter looking layouts:

Don't you just hate recipe websites? Read about stuff you don't care about, fight through obnoxious ads, then get to the bottom of the page and wonder where the recipe was in that mess you just skipped past. Your stories are terrible, Karen. By the way, check out that stock photograph of a laptop that came with this blog post right here. You can barely see the profiles of 6 different generic looking people on that laptop screen...I bet at least one of those people believes in healing crystals.

A short and sweet first blog entry. Take some of these hashtags and add them to the #recipe you were looking for!

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