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"I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral"

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

"Can't understand what I mean? You soon will."

Music video below for the lyrical reference (is this song considered "old" yet??).

Blog below that for actual context.

So nursing sums up a large portion of my adult life here. One word with a ridiculous number of experiences that inevitably get dragged into my conversations from time to time.

I love to laugh. I'll laugh at things that are funny, and things that are really, really not funny. And I don't mean to - it's just sort of a reaction. I laughed (involuntarily) at the end of Uncut Gems with the movie's unexpected surprise. But not like that awful #HomerSimpson type roaring laughter

that caused everybody in the theater to look at me like I was extra nutty...more like I was 1) surprised and 2) well what the heck else was supposed to happen??

That being said, you all have permission to laugh at me next time I make a fool of myself. Should be ample opportunity between now and say, sundown tomorrow.

So what's that title have to do with nursing? Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that are so messed up that the only thing left to really do is laugh. Because if you don't laugh, somebody's probably going to cry. And if you can help somebody laugh when it's all hit the fan for them...that's just plain saint-like in my opinion.

Other times, I get stuck laughing. If I see something funny or ridiculous enough, it plants itself in my head. More often than not, this happens at times when I'm supposed to be either quiet or serious. Which of course, makes the struggle not to laugh SO much worse. So now, I'm laughing while trying to stifle it. And that little guy with the pitchfork on my shoulder basically has whatever I'm laughing at running on repeat in my head while I'm struggling to keep a #pokerface to the world around me. If I'm going to hell, it will likely be for this.

Here's one that got me in trouble.

You know she's a good kid. She just happened to pick up her baby sibling by the face is all. And here I go laughing again.

Peace and Chicken Grease!

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