ADAMA - Orchestrated Leaf Disease Control
Tone / Feel:
Product - Informative, educational, and narrative.

Narration provided for crop protec

What is a Respiratory Therapist?
Tone / Feel:
Medical - Informative, educational, and narrative.

An overview and look at the broad medical profession and responsibilities of Respiratory Therapists.  This video was created in an effort to raise awareness of this specialty in health care as well as what the job entails.  Spoken in a straight-forward and friendly narration style.  Written by Patrick Kapugia - a Respiratory Therapist.

America Now! Home Shopping Network - Michael Apollo Lira
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Demo | America NOW! Home Shopping Network
Tone / Feel:
Character and personality variety / demo.

My voice/character demo intended to show a variety of personalities and characters.  A fictitious home shopping network with a variety of callers and unusual circumstances for added entertainment.  
Written and recorded by Michael Apollo Lira.  All voices by Michael Apollo Lira.  

GloboNet - Michael Apollo Lira
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Demo | Globo-Net Internet Service​

Tone / Feel:

Friendly, chipper, personal.  Trustworthy.

Most of us loathe the reputation and notoriously terrible customer service of big name internet service providers.  And meanwhile, they put out incredibly friendly and feel-good sounding commercials.  This satirically plays on the nauseating contrast between the two realities.

ChromeDome 5000 - Michael Apollo Lira
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Demo | Chrome Dome 5000​

Tone / Feel:

Serious and concerned tones followed by a promising message of hope.

A gentle and sincere commercial expressing concern over the inadequacies of current market tin-foil hats. Affirmations are made to the client's potential concerns and worries; reassurance is made with the introduction to the solution - The Chrome Dome 5000. A message of hope to an audience hurting and in need.